5 reasons why Neymar might consider as one of the most underrated football players of this generation

Neymar Jr Barcelona
Neymar Jr Barcelona

Neymar Jr is widely regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian football players of all time and also considered as one of the best players of this generation, having achieved a remarkable success both at the club and international levels.

In this article we will discuss the top 5 reasons why Neymar might consider as one of the most underrated players in football history.

Top 5 reasons why Neymar might consider as the most underrated football players

There are many reasons why he might regard as one of the most underrated football players by many fans, pundits and other football players around the world, but this subject is always said to be one of the most discussed topics for several years on the internet.

  1. Neymar is known for his playing style which is frequently criticized for being too showy or ostentatious. However, he is widely known for his excellent dribbling skills, ability to create space and opportunities for the teammates, exceptional finishing ability, one of the best penalty and free kick taker. These attributes have made him one of the most feared attacking players in the world football.
  2. Many detractors argue that Neymar always try to hold the ball for too long, try new experiments and take unnecessary risks on this own and sometimes this affects the expense of his team’s success. However, Neymar supporters and fans argue that his playing style is different from others and his creativity and individual skill makes him a special player in world football. It is also seen that his ability to create scoring chances out of nowhere or impossible situations is a rare gift for the Brazilian
  3. Neymar has an impressive track record of success at the club levels and his impact on the game is indisputable. He has won many club trophies, including three Ligue 1 titles, three La Liga titles and one Champions League title. He has also won two Copa del Rey titles, three French Cups and one French League Cup. Neymar finished third for the FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2015 and 2017 and honored UEFA Team of the Year twice and the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season for three times.
  4. On the international stage, Neymar is the joint-top goal scorer alongside Pele with 77 goals in 124 matches for Brazil since debuting at the age of 18. Neymar has won one Olympic Gold Medal, two Copa America titles and Golden ball as a leading goal scorer and helped the nation wining FIFA confederations cup in 2013. He also been awarded the FIFA Puskás Award and has been named in the FIFA FIFPro World11 twice and South American Footballer of the Year on four separate occasions.
  5. Neymar has scored at least 100 goals for three different clubs including Santos, Barcelona and PSG making him one of four players in history to achieve this. During MSN era, there were times when he even outshined Messi & Suarez and had everything one could want in a forward with amazing dribbling ability, good pace, good at penalties, free kick etc. Neymar is also known as the best non- midfield playmaker after Messi in last 5 years.

Neymar style of play attracts many fans falling in love with the football. It’s said to be like an art which is something special and beautiful to watch.

The Final Verdict

No disbelief, Neymar is widely regarded as one of the greatest football players and third best players after Messi and Ronaldo of this generation. Whether Neymar is underrated or not, it may be a matter of opinion of an individual but there is no denying that Neymar is one of the most talented and exciting players in the football today.

Do let us know what’s your opinion on this in the comments section and also check out Neymar’s Wiki and Messi wining the best FIFA Men’s player award in Paris.

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