What is AWS Auto Scaling?

EC2 Auto Scaling is a service provided by Amazon that automatically monitors your EC2 usage to maintain the performance of your application. Auto Scaling works using 1. Auto Scaling Group 2. Launch Configuration The Auto Scaling group contains a number of EC2 that combine to form a group. It allows you to configure minimum number... Continue Reading →

How Elastic Load Balancing works in AWS?

In this blog, we would mainly explain how ELB works in AWS. For a quick overview on ELB, please follow my previous blog (link) We would discuss on below topic throughout this blog Install Apache in both RHEL EC2Configure index.html Create an ELBConfigure the ELBTest HTTP request from ELB Install Apache in both RHEL EC2... Continue Reading →

What is AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)?

AWS ELB is a load balancing service provided by Amazon to distribute the network incoming traffic across different EC2, Lambda automatically. It also helps to scale resources behind load balancer to meet high incoming traffic. Having said that, if your web application containing an Ec2 only. Then as your business grows, more traffic would hit... Continue Reading →

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