Create IAM Users and Groups in AWS

An IAM user is basically an AWS customer or a person or application that authenticates with individual identities and interact with AWS services. An IAM user consists of a name and credentials. The credentials could be of either password or Access keys types. If you are new to IAM, then refer What is IAM and... Continue Reading →

How IAM Works in AWS? – Explained

As we know, IAM manages authentication and authorization for your account in AWS. So we need to understand how it works as part of infrastructure security necessity. We need to understand following topics in this blog. PrincipalRequestAuthentication AuthorizationActions or OperationsResources AWS IAM has few terms to be acquainted with such as Resources, Identities, Entitles and... Continue Reading →

What is AWS IAM?

What is AWS IAM? AWS IAM stands for Identity and Access Management Service. This is a web service that helps to control access to your AWS resources by your administer. It also lets you manage users and provide control to manage which users would have permission to access various AWS resources. AWS IAM lets you... Continue Reading →

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