Host a Static Website on s3

With Amazon s3, you could host a static website containing HTML,basic CSS or static content webpages that does not get served from a web framework. Its does not interact with other web servers to dynamically change the web content in the browser. The basic of Static Website is that it comes with a fixed no... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Security in s3

As you deal with more data storage, you must be worried of your data security and wanted to ensure that its safe and secure. By default, all s3 bucket and objects are private. However, as your business grows you need to deal with a tight and secure s3 security model to run your application in... Continue Reading →

How to Create an s3 Bucket?

In this blog, we would discuss how to create your first bucket in s3. In AWS s3, an object can not be uploaded directly into s3 without a bucket. So you need to create a bucket first to upload an object into it. By default, AWS allows us to create 100 buckets in each region... Continue Reading →

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